ERA Home Decor is the baby of a couple who has been living and breathing art and architecture for over 15 years. ERA, as the name, suggests a new era of decorating your home. If you are a nature and art lover, like us, you can find the best and affordable designs right here. Ethics, social responsibility, value for money and innovation represent the points of strength that make ERA Home Decor exclusive.
In an era where the world is forgetting its relation to art and connection to nature, we strive to make it an element of the most important space in your life, your HOME.
Our goal is to satisfy every customer at every level, whether it is to start a collection or to add that dream piece to an existing one. We draw inspirations from all over the world and we believe ERA Home Decor can help make a House a Home. We want to help you discover that perfect statement piece for your house. And we believe you will find it here. We are committed to giving you a great experience, and a hard time deciding between our many many options!
We understand the importance of every small element in your home and have put a lot of thought into curating every piece available in our store. We hope our website is the solution to finding all the niche artwork you have been keeping an eye out for. We hope you like what you see, and find the perfect piece that you want all your furniture pointing at.
Moreover, we have delivered happiness, enjoyment, enticement and satisfaction to more than approximately 185,000 people!
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So, Welcome aboard and Happy shopping!