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Galaxy Lamp


Have you ever felt like flying between the stars?

You’ll love this LAMP! The details make you feel like you’re in Space.



  • Our Colourful Galaxy Reflecting Lamp embodies the mysteries of deep space! Over 16 different colour tones give you complete control over your experience! Our 3D lamps are meticulously crafted by a world-class design team using only the highest quality NASA satellite images.
  • This Unique Detailed Lamp makes for a stunning display piece that is sure to catch eyes & start many conversations. The state-of-the-art technology guarantees ultra-realistic design accuracy. Each and every lamp takes an incredible 26 hours to 3D print & is done individually.
  • 16 Colour Lamp features 16 COLOR TONES IN ONE LAMP! Each Galaxy lamp can be adjusted to almost any colour of your choosing, including a slow, soothing fade from colour to colour! You can use the remote to adjust brightness & toggle easily through all 16 colours!
  • PICK YOUR PERFECT SIZE As a way to compare 8cm (3in) is roughly as big as a tennis ball 15cm (7in) is roughly the size of a volleyball. 20cm (8in) is roughly the size of a basket/soccer ball.
  • Turn your room into a personal planetarium add a little bit of magic to your room at night while you’re reading a book, having tea or simply admiring the beauty of the Galaxy before bed. Never forget that you can use this to make a romantic date! THE PERFECT GIFT! Our Galaxy Lamp makes the perfect gift for both kids & adults alike. Transform your loved one’s bedroom into an ambient planetarium with this enchanting & soothing piece of art.

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