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Egg Scissor

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  • Convenient and fast: The eggshell separator can work cleanly, and the top of the egg can be removed without breaking the shell, so that the egg can be poured.
  • High Quality Materials: The eggshell separator is made of high quality stainless steel blades with ABS handles to make perfect tools,, strong, durable and anti-rust.
  • Unique Design: The design of the eggshell separator is very modern and elegant.
  • Strong Feature: The eggshell separator cuts the eggshell very carefully, and it is not easy to break the eggshell or crack the egg when cutting. It can be cut off completely when used correctly.
  • Great Practicability: The eggshell separator can cut eggs, quail eggs and other eggs, all of which can be cut very carefully. You can also give small gifts to your mom or your wife.

This shell cutter can work cleanly without removing the top of the egg without breaking the shell of the egg, so that the egg can be poured.

The eggshell divider can be neatly cut into thin slices instead of breaking it to pop the egg liquid.
Eating eggs is particularly convenient.

The eggshell splitter can be used not only as a kitchen tool but also as a gift for mom or wife.
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