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Balance Lamp

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The Perfect Lamp?

We have set the goal of finding the perfect lamp for you! As beautiful as it is surprising!

Our lamp, in addition to being a true piece of art, will add perfection to your interior:

Modern & Clean Design

Mood lamp for a cozy ambiance

Impress the older ones and amaze the little ones

Low consumption (LED)

It is Just PERFECT!

When Art meets Science

Join the two cords and Voilà! the lamp will turn on!

Without touching each other, they levitate and the lamp lights up!

Lampe déquilibre Heng image 3

Enter a new dimension, transform your space, your Home!

Finely Selected Materials

When Quality rhymes with elegance, nothing is left to chance. From the beech base through the quality aluminium outline similar to that used in aviation, everything is designed to enhance this magnificent lamp!

Perfection is in the little details!

High End Lighting

The latest generation LED strip diffuses a perfect light to create a relaxing atmosphere, to enlighten you during your sweet moments of reading a book or drinking your cup of coffee, or to serve you as a bedside lamp.

Its lifespan? Up to 30 000  hours! That means 1 hout per day for 80 years!


  • Integrated USB Cable
  • LED strip with lifespan up to 30 000 hours
  • Wattage 5W
  • Size 340x260x40 mm
  • Material: Wood, Aluminium, Silicone
  • Weight : About 600g

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