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The Crystal Ball


Are you a dreamer with your head in the stars?

Then this magnificent sphere containing the Galaxy or the Solar System is made for you!

The Milky Way is the galaxy in which the solar system that houses us is located.
With more than 200 billion stars that compose it and 100 billion planets, the Milky Way brings us back to a form of humility in the face of the gigantism of the world.
Messier 106 / NGC 4258 (Image credit: NASA).
Composite of IR (red), x-ray (blue), radio (purple) and visible light view.

This sphere is therefore not only a decorative object but also the evocation of our place in the Universe.
Its magnificent spiral shape transports us to the far reaches of Space.
This sphere will elegantly decorate any room in your home with its beautiful design.
You will find yourself observing all its details thanks to the exemplary quality of work made possible by the laser engraving technology used. The finishes are so incredible.
Work, children, school, it can all be stressful on a daily basis.
We then need to take a breath and think of something else.
With this galactic sphere, release the pressure and take a few moments to escape by contemplating the galaxy and using your imagination. You will then see that you will lose track of time and let yourself be carried away by the magic of this crystal sphere.
Product material: K9 crystal.
Ball diameter: 6cm
Button Battery included,each lamp with 5 colours changing .

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